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If you are hopelessly addicted to drupal;
if bringing yourself to bed is allways a strugle;
if your main source of entertainement
is watching lullabot videos; then you belog
Created on 12/31/1969

How to update multiple fields in multiple rows in a single MySQL query.

There is one thing that every web developer should always be mindful of. I am talking about code performance. PHP & MySQL can be a powerful combination. However, if you are not careful, Drupal can make it very easy for you to write bloated and slow code. One of the things that can seriously slowdown your code would be to make dozens of MySQL query requests while generating your PHP web page.With a little ingenuity, though, you can do a lot with just a single MySQL query.The following examples would work on a Drupal 6 database... read more...

Created on 12/31/1969

Set Up GIT in a Godaddy Shared Hosting Account

Play video What Operating System is used to host your website?The first thing you will need to do is to login to your Godaddy account via SSH. If you don't have SSH access to your Godaddy Account yet, just call them and ask for it. They have an excellent technical support service over the phone.Now, you need to get the version of the server that is hosting your website. It will be most likely a CentOS Linux server. To check this out you will need to do the following in your SSH terminal window:[drupalfever@drupalfever.com ~]$ cat /etc/*-release... read more...
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Created on 12/31/1969

About DrupalFever.com

Play video Hi! Welcome to DrupalFever! Here you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about Drupal. From setting up a development environment on your computer, to reviews of the newest and coolest Drupal modules. Come and have fun with Drupal... read more...
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